Sunday, July 8

Heavy Lifting

Suggested Scripture
Hebrews 12:1-12

Key Verse

No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful.
Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace
for those who have been trained by it.
Therefore, strengthen your feeble arms and weak knees.
(Hebrews 12:11-12a, NIV)

Up until now we're been only watching videos on our downstairs television since we have no reception whatsoever there. As an anniversary gift to each other, my husband and I decided to have cable installed. To prepare for the cable guy's arrival, we needed to expose the face plates on the wall where the cable would be connected.

Our living room is furnished with a beautiful oak entertainment center and cabinet. We also have my parents' beautiful upright piano which they gave us when we moved into our first home last summer. My husband and I saw a faceplate behind the entertainment center, so together we stretched and strained to move it just a few inches. As a reminder of safety, I told him to be sure to bend his knees and use his legs to handle all that force.

Spiritually speaking we must do something similar. When life hits us with exceptionally heavy burdens, we occasionally forget how to handle it. We throw up our arms in frustration. We wast time and energy doing the back-breaking work of trying to bear the weight and strain alone. Instead we must think about our knees.

When we take to our knees in prayer and ask for God's help, even the heaviest of heartaches or trials can be made lighter. By stretching out our arms to God, eagerly asking to receive strength from him, we receive the power to move mountains. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we can move the most burdensome things that weight on our hearts. Once those have been pushed aside, we have more room for the blessings that God wants to give us.

Reflecting Pool

What are the heavy things in your life you need to move?

How has prayer helped you in the past with difficulties?

Do you make a habit of bending your knees in order for God to strengthen you?


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