Monday, June 25

God's Unmistakable Voice

Suggested Reading:
Job 37

Key Verse:

God's voice thunders in marvelous ways; he does great things beyond our understanding.
(Job 37:5, NIV)

Friday was an exciting day for NASA and the crew of the shuttle, Atlantis. Since the weather was bad in Florida, the space shuttle had to land at Edwards AFB. The sky was beautifully clear, so we San Diegans (those who cared anyway) got to witness Atlantis flying right over us. I was listening to a simulcast on the radio, so as soon as I heard the sonic booms I knew right where to look in the sky. Of course all that was visible was a thin white trail, but it was impressive nonetheless.

There's something awesome about the power of those twin sonic booms. It makes me wonder what it must have been like when God's voice spread across the expanse of space and spoke the universe into being. Even as a scientist, there are things about God's creation that I will never fully understand. A sonic boom is impossible to ignore. The force that drives it, causing the very sound barrier to be broken is an unmistakable sound.

God's voice is equally unmistakable. He calls to us in ways that are powerful, reminding us that he is truly awesome. We may not always understand what he is doing, or why. There are times when the beauty and perfection of God's plan for our lives is not understandable until it has been completed in us. In all things, he is marvelous and worthy to be praised.

Reflecting Pool

What things in your life don't you understand?

Does not understanding get in your way of hearing God's voice?

What evidence of God's power have you seen in your life?


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