Sunday, July 15

Where Past and Future Are Present

Suggested Scripture

Genesis 1:1-31

Key verse

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. (Genesis 1:1, NIV)

I had begun to doubt that God really cared for me. So many trials had been heaped upon my head, that I felt certain that I was the victim of some spiritual injustice. In my anger and frustration I started to turn my face away from God. I figured that if I wasn’t worth His attention, then why should I give Him any of mine? The foundation on which I had built my life had been seemingly torn asunder.

How was I ever going to rebuild it? Could such a feat even be accomplished in one as broken as I?

In the midst of my darkest hours, I was offered hope. The man who is now my husband reached out to me and invited me to stand with him on his foundation. He assured me that God was in control and all I need to do was remember his promises. At the time I could hardly remember those promises, let alone cling to them.

Instead of a promise, I found a truth. The first four words of Genesis: in the beginning God. God was present before time began. He who is infinite was there to lay the foundations of the earth. I realized that I didn’t need to wait for a promise to be fulfilled for me. I didn’t have to wait for some future event to know that God is real. He has always been.

Being reminded of God’s ability to create the world from total void assured me that He could most certainly create a new foundation for me. My footing is now firmly rooted in Jesus Christ. Because of that fact, my future glory is my present hope.

Reflecting Pool

Do you sometimes feel as though God isn’t with you in the present moment?

Has your foundation ever needed to be rebuilt?

How do you cling to hope when you feel your future is uncertain?


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