Thursday, July 12

Digesting Spiritual Food

Suggested Scripture
Psalm 63

Key Verse
My soul will be satisfied as with the richest of foods; with singing lips my mouth will praise you. (Psalm 63:5, NIV)

One of the complications of having cystic fibrosis is that my pancreas doesn't secrete enzymes. Without enzymes, my body cannot properly break down the food I eat. In order to get the beneficial vitamins, minerals, and calories out of what I eat, I take enzyme supplements with every meal. Without them I would be severely malnourished and underweight, even though I eat frequently.

If I were to rely on myself to accurately interpret God's Word, I would certainly be spiritually malnourished. In order for me to get the most out of reading the Bible, I need to prepare my heart and my mind to receive its message. I do this by praying that God will reveal to me, through the work of the Holy Spirit, how I am to apply what I read.

God is faithful to give us our daily bread, but are we being fully strengthened by it? Simply reading the Bible is only the beginning. The only way to grow and mature in our relationships with God is to eat plenty of the good stuff He provides for us. Digesting the Word completely means studying it, discussing it with others, and listening to what my spiritual leaders have to say about it. There are so many different tools available to me to ensure that I am not only adequately fed, but properly nourished as well.

Reflecting Pool

Spiritually speaking, are you well nourished or just well fed?

When do you get the most benefit from your time reading God's Word?

Do you take time to think about how to apply what you read?


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