Tuesday, April 10

Buckle Up for Safety

Remember your Creator in the days of your youth, before the days of trouble come... --Ecclesiastes 12:1a (NIV)

From my vantage point in the back seat of the van, the winding road down the mountain seemed all the more treacherous. The driver was obeying the speed limit, but my heart still pounded with each twist and turn of the lane. I was never more mindful of how secure a seat belt could made me feel than I was on that particular trip.

Seat belts save lives, but only if they're buckled. I don't know of anyone who gets into the car thinking that in the event of an accident, he will have time to fasten that lap belt. Waiting to buckle up until you're in trouble is a foolish practice, not to mention an ineffective one.

The same is true of waiting to commit one's life to Christ. The blessing of eternal security, and the assurance of salvation isn't complicated. God promises to protect and strengthen us in times of trouble. Unfortunately, when we're in the midst of trying circumstances, we have difficulty asking him for his help. It's best that we come to him sooner, rather than later, and get "buckled up" so to speak for the winding roads ahead.

Reflecting Pool

How has God secured you in times of trouble?
What prevents you from asking for His help?



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