Wednesday, March 8

When Your Back's Against The Wall

...that you may receive mercy and find grace to help you in your time of need. --Hebrews 4:16

There is a reason why I call these things "Pools of Grace". There is a reason why I use Hebrews 4:16 as my theme verse. It is because I firmly believe that God continually bathes and showers us in mercy and grace. He does this not only when we ask Him to, He does it when He knows we need it. That is precisely the nature of mercy and grace.

I have found that when my back is against the wall, God doesn't necessarily provide a way out. What He does provide, however, is the means to withstand whatever circumstance I am facing for as long as I need to. Sometimes the walls of life close in all around me and there is nowhere I can go. It is in those moments that I see bits of grace tucked cleverly into the crevices of that wall.

As my husband once wrote in his poem In Time of Need:

When I'm trapped in a corner with nowhere else to go

I pray that you remember me

and over years my faith will grow.

God remembers us no matter where we are. In fact, there is nowhere we can go that is out of His reach. Furthermore, God will never stop providing for His children. He never stops pouring out His love on us in beautiful, unexpected ways. Very often, we don't see these things until we are able to view them from a distance. When we have come through a rough period, we are able to stand back and see that the great precipice which once threatened to undo us, is now a mere stepping stone to where we are now.

Throughout the last several weeks, God has refreshed me and given me the mercy and grace that I need to go on. Because of His great love for me, I am not consumed (Lamentations 3:22). Even when I don't understand what God is doing in my life, I am at peace to know that the details are in His hands. My faith grows steadily as I rest in the hope I have in my Savior. Whether I find myself face to face with an unyielding wall, or seeking the face of my Heavenly Father, I am given exactly what I need at the perfect moments, and that is what keeps me strong.



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