Wednesday, July 13

What Rains May Come

The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock. --Matthew 7:25

Natural disasters are all just as unique as the geographic regions in which they occur. Here in the United States we have mostly earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes. We Southern Californians are prone to natural disasters like mudslides, landslides, and flash floods. During "earthquake season" we feel the earth turn to Jell-O beneath us as fault lines heave mightily, sending tremors in all directions. During other times of the year, we watch power lines snap in two during heavy winds that come racing over the nearby mountains. Sometimes these things cause a tremendous amount of damage. Depending on how well prepared or well insured you are can make a huge difference in how you weather the storms and then repair any resulting damage from these "Acts of God".

When I read this verse in Matthew, I realized something new. Rain, rising streams and wind are all things that are brought about by God. He created them and he directs their paths. Even the wind and the waves are obedient to his voice and it is for that reason that we need not worry or be afraid. Of course, I'm not merely speaking meteorologically; I'm also speaking from a spiritual point of view. The best way to endure the forces of nature in God's world is to have my life firmly based upon him.

Sometimes it is easy to feel the rain beating down on us and feel like God should come rescue us from it, or at least provide us with a sturdy umbrella! We all too easily forget that God created that rain in the first place. When life presents us with storms or natural disasters of any kind--physical or spiritual--we cannot let ourselves think that such things happen outside of God's plan. In fact, they happen because of God and His plan.

Christ, the Rock of our Salvation, is the foundation on which we build our houses so that we can stand securely against what rains may come. Sometimes the rains and storms come to show us how steady and firm that foundation truly is. Even if our houses do sustain a bit of damage, God can show us how to rebuild on His foundation. Our God is the creator of the storms and the rain, but he is also our shelter in times of trouble. With a firm faith in him, we are able to weather life's storms.



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