Saturday, July 16


He restores my soul; --Psalm 23:3a

Although I'm certainly no expert in the area of restoring antiques, I have in my possession a particular sewing machine that I am looking forward to lavishing with a good dose of TLC. Restoring it to its original functionality and beauty would be a real treat for me. In the meantime, I just keep dusting its cabinet and imagining the possibilities.

In God's eyes we are more than just possibilities. When he first created Adam, he instilled in mankind a soul--a finely tuned channel that allows us to commune and communicate with God. When Adam was alone with God in the garden, there was nothing that could distract him or tarnish that connection he had with God. That changed when sin entered the world.

People today, Christians included, allow their souls to become tarnished by the things of this world. As a result, their lives to fall into disrepair all too easily. They don't keep in close connection with God and eventually, practically tune him out completely. When this happens, the original beauty of what mankind can be becomes unrecognizable beneath the tarnish and wear. Like a worn-out antique, such a person's soul can only be restored to its original beauty and purpose by they most skillful of artisans.

God is just such the artisan for the task. He restores our souls and renews us. He never stops taking care of us. Even if we have walked away from him, he still calls us unto himself. He speaks to our hearts in such a compelling way that we cannot help but turn to him.

When our souls are restored, we begin to experience the joy of what it is to be a fully functioning member of God's family. No longer covered in grime and dust like furniture from a bygone era, we are not only restored, but we are completely new creations. We shine in the light of God's glory and we become a living testimony to the handiwork of our creator. No one is a lost cause because no one is beyond restoration.



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