Wednesday, July 27

A Christian's Job Description

I myself am convinced, my brothers, that you yourselves are full of goodness, complete in knowledge and competent to instruct one another. --Romans 15:14

My "job" as a Christian is the most rewarding and challenging endeavor I have ever undertaken. The best part is, I didn't need to take pass basic education requirements of earn a certificate that says I'm qualified to tell others about Jesus. I believe in the life, death and resurrection of Christ Jesus and I have a vibrant, dynamic, personal relationship with Him. Those are my qualifications that allow me to be an ambassador for Christ's kingdom.

God wants everyone to come to know Him. He could this on a grand scale by completely revealing His awesome power to everyone simultaneously, but it's not time for that yet. Someday, every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord, but in the meantime, God chooses to allow the Christian community at large to reach people for His kingdom as well as edify and build up His church. We are competent to instruct one another, full of goodness and knowledge.

We all have been given different gifts and talents that are useful for such a task. For me, that gift is writing. My friend Kate has been blessed with an incredible musical talent and combines it with a ministry of public speaking. There are many manifestations of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, all of which enable us to instruct others in the ways of God's love. We are all working together to do God's work, building up the body of believers. God wouldn't have given us such a responsibility if He didn't think we could handle it.

Sometimes the thought of sharing my faith is a scary thing. I am not eager for people to think that I am a pushy "religious nut" or worse. I have seen that an abrasive approach in telling others about God just doesn't work. Instead, we need to speak His truth to others in love. It may be the quiet ways we live out our faith that have the most impact.

It is my prayer that everyone who knows God will be aware of the need to share His word with others. The great commission charges us to tell all nations about Christ. We are all competent teachers and God uses each of us. We have His word which gives us the knowledge to share, and the Holy Spirit to give us the boldness required to speak up about our convictions. Instructing others is a job we can all handle. Unless you're going to be speaking to people from a church pulpit, no formal is education required. The job of being a Christian is a definite challenge. The hours are long and many of the positions are thankless, but the benefits are exceptional--particularly the life insurance plan!



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