Tuesday, March 29

Finding Refuge

The Lord is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in him. --Nahum 1:7

What a blessing to know that in times of trouble, all we have to do is trust in God. He is our refuge. I realized in reading this verse that although I understand the word "refuge" in context, I never sought out its rightful definition. According to dictionary.com, refuge is "protection or shelter, as from danger or hardship...a source of help, comfort and relief in times of trouble". Throughout the Bible, we see that God truly is our refuge.

In addition to offering us help, protection and relief, God demonstrates his love to us by exhibiting his character of goodness. I have never thought about the word "good" being something adequate enough to describe God. As far as adjectives go, "good" just doesn't seem to be sufficient. Wouldn't it be more fitting to say that the Lord is "awesome" or "astounding" or even "praiseworthy"? Good doesn't invoke as much laudation that can be expressed by those other words. In thinking these things, it dawned on me that when God was creating the world, he pronounced each part of his creation as being "good". Well then! If "good" is good enough for God to describe his handiwork, then it is certainly good enough for me to describe his wonderful attributes.

The Lord is good. His love is adequate and perfect enough to sooth us when we're afraid. It is sufficient for soothing us when we are sad. It is motivation enough to encourage us when we are close to giving up or giving in. He is our refuge. He is there to welcome us into his arms when we are being pursued by the terrifyingly dark things of this world.

God cares for those who trust him. Trust can be a difficult thing for us to exercise, especially if we have been let down in times past when we've trusted imperfect humans. God will never let us down. We have no reason not to trust him. If we want to be assured that he is near, all we need to do is trust that he is. We can call on him for anything and know that he hears us wherever we are. He will be there for us when no one else can be or will be. In him we find our greatest security and safety. He is our refuge.



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