Friday, August 27

Pressing On

Your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.--Psalm 119:105

I recently participated in the wedding of a very close friend of mine. Throughout her engagement, she faced many emotional ups and downs that were extremely dissimilar to the usual pre-wedding anxiety. Her situation was truly unique in the sense that it was one of the most incredible long distance relationships I had ever heard of. Being in a completely different country from her fianceƩ made things difficult, but their amazing faith carried them through it.

As a friend, I tried my best to be a listening ear as she voiced her concerns, struggles and occasional disappointments as wedding preparations were made. Whenever possible, I tried to remind her of God's faithfulness and did my best to assure her that even in uncertain circumstances, God is in control. I recall a particular email I sent her the following poem, which I had written some time ago when I was meditating on Psalm 119:105 and what it meant to me personally.

"Pressing On"
When you can't see the finish line,
It's hard to know how much farther you have to go.
When you aren't sure of the footing,
It's difficult to tell if you're on the right path.

One step at a time, and believe.
One foot in front of another, and trust.
Slowly and carefully make your way
Knowing that you are lovingly being led.

When you can't accurately judge the depth
It's hard to know if you're going in too deep.
When you can't see how steep the drop-off will be
It's easy to unwittingly stand precariously.

One day at a time, and have faith.
One obstacle after another, and endure.
Steadily and confidently press on toward the goal
Knowing that someone waits for you at the end.


Psalm 119:105 and that poem often served as a reminder to me to pray for my friend and her fianceƩ (now her husband!) Her wedding represented a true testimony of God's faithfulness, and I felt my prayers and thoughts for her come full circle when the other bridesmaids and I came down the aisle to an arrangement of the song "Thy Word". My friend may not have known the personal significance that song and Bible verse carried for me because of this poem, but I certainly like knowing that we both find special meaning in it.

I take comfort in the fact that though I may not always know where I am going, at least I have God's light to help me see the next place to put my foot. As Christians we can rest assured that even in or darkest times, God is lighting our way. We may not be able to see too far ahead, but we can press on knowing that we are lovingly being led. We must hold onto the belief that God is in control and that he is working through our lives even when we do not understand what is happening.

Poetry (c) 2001 Lauren Grace Beyenhof. All Rights Reserved.



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