Wednesday, August 18

Famed Underdogs

He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.--Isaiah 40:29

Who among us has never found himself cheering for the underdog? There is something awe-inspiring and perhaps even emotional about seeing an individual (or team) come from behind to shatter all expectations and go on to triumph. Bob Costas, an NBC announcer says of underdog victories, “[it is] a wonderful mystery.”

Mr. Costa’s remark is in reference to the historic win of the Puerto Rican basketball team in Athens. Other notable victors in this year’s Summer Games are the South African swim team and the Iraqi soccer team. Each came to the Olympics not being expected to perform well, let alone become world champions. These teams now find a place of honor in the record books and in history.

Similarly, underdogs of the Bible have claimed a respected place in what is sometimes referred to as the “Faith Hall of Fame” found in Hebrews 11. What the world perceived as notable disadvantages proved to be a winner edge when it came to the overall game plan. Read the details for yourself in the stories of Noah, Abraham, and others in Hebrews 11.

The term “underdog” is one that is applied by observers based on external evidence and past performances. When the secular world looks at us Christians, they may deem us weak, saying that we use religion or our faith as a crutch. They may conclude that we are naïve for believing in someone we cannot see. The world would like us to believe that living selflessly makes us losers.

For all intents and purposes, we are underdogs—in an earthly sense. Fortunately, we know there is more to life than the present moment. We are able to see the bigger game plan that includes the spiritual world. The spiritual world is the one where we find God’s playing field, and it is there that we are undoubtedly favored to win.



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