Friday, October 21

Waiting for a Come-Uppance

Be sure of this: The wicked will not go unpunished, but those who are righteous will go free.--Proverbs 11:21

As I observe the world around me, there are times when I am quite discouraged. Everywhere I look I see evidence of evil running rampant. The state of affairs of our fallen world is indeed a sad one. Not only are there glaringly obvious examples of the evil one at work, but there are subtle ones as well. Wickedness takes many forms. It is observed in the tragedy that occurs when teenagers gun one another down at school. Perhaps less horrifying (to some) but equally dangerous, are the instances of teens and pre-teens engaging in sexual experimentation because they have no moral compass or sense of propriety.

If I could, I would institute a program that would "fix" all these types of societal problems that threaten our comfort, safety, and well-being. Unfortunately, no such solution exists. The presence of sin and wickedness in the world is, and will continue to be, the normal state of things. God has given each of us free will. This means we all have the freedom to either live for Him or live for ourselves.

How are those of us who have chosen to live wholly for God supposed to keep from becoming discouraged by the woeful reality of our fallen world? We do this by maintaining an eternal perspective. Instead of focusing in on the wickedness and evil that displays itself at every turn throughout our days, we must focus on the bigger picture.

Even when it seems like wickedness is not being punished, we must keep in mind that one day, everything about the world we live in will come to an end. Ultimately, God will judge the actions of those who do not believe in Him and who have not accepted His gift of grace that comes through the death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus. The wicked will not go unpunished. God is the final authority on what will and will not stand. Satan and his legions may rule for a time, but their days and circle of influence are severely limited. Evil's come-uppance is coming. God will uphold His righteous ones. Of that we can be certain, and that is what brings us hope in a fallen world.



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