Wednesday, October 12

Seeking and Finding the Unexpected

You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. --Jeremiah 29:13

Today I raided the supply closet at work in search of a notepad. Having spotted one on the top shelf, I reached for it. As I did, something on the shelf just beneath it caught my eye. Tucked into the corner, resting against the cold metal of the storage cabinet was a set of Schaeffer calligraphy pens. I pulled out the box for a closer look and smiled as I recognized it as the same set that my mom used for many years.

My mom has a beautiful talent for calligraphy. I remember watching her with fascination as a child while she punctured the ink well and assembled the pen with the appropriate nib for the project she was doing. Mostly I remember her addressing our family's Christmas cards--well, that and getting yelled at for bumping the table while she wrote. Having watched her address so many wedding invitations over the years, it was very meaningful and special to me when she addressed the envelopes for my wedding invitations. (I definitely didn't bump the table that time!)

As I thought about my mom and her calligraphy projects, I was reminded of the prevalence of God's handiwork. Just as my mom would always take that box of pens and ink out of the drawer every winter, so too is God consistent in his patterns of creating beauty. Every morning he crafts a new sunrise. Every autumn he paints the leaves with vibrant colors and changes their texture. He stirs the waters of the ocean to create high and low tides. I can't think of anywhere that I could go where I wouldn't see or experience at least some piece of our heavenly Father's skillful masterpieces.

Even in some of the most obscure places or situations I am given the opportunity to reflect on God's constant presence in my life. I especially enjoy when He causes me to think about Him at unexpected times. Finding that box of calligraphy pens today was just such an example. I didn't expect to be treated to a pleasant reminder of my mom and what a great woman she is all because I needed a new notepad. I love when God blesses me in little ways like that. I look forward to whatever else He might have for me to discover as I finish out my day.

Whether I am actively seeking or not, I am blessed to find God in unexpected ways. This happens when my heart is open to Him. I am always uplifted and inspired by those types of experiences. Today I started out seeking a notepad, but what I found was a wonderful opportunity to reflect on God.



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