Tuesday, August 16

Scheduling Time With God

But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. --Matthew 5:33

I recently acquired one of those hand-held organizer things. My main reason for purchasing such a tool (toy?) was so that I could use it to keep track of things somewhere other than in my head. I shudder to think how much time I've wasted pawing through stacks of papers looking for a reminder note I'd written for myself or a phone number I had hastily scribbled on the back of an envelope that was serving double-duty as a coaster and bookmark. Imagine my dismay when I opened up the calendar in my new organizer and discovered that it, just like everyone else's calendar, only had 24 hours allotted for each day.

Sadly, many of us forget to include God in our ever-moving, ever-changing, fast-paced lives. We pencil Him in for a 1 to 2 hour block of time every weekend. We allocate a portion of our earnings to God by the giving of tithes and offerings, but we stiff Him when it comes to our precious time. Are we really that busy? Are we really so self-absorbed that we cut ourselves off from God in such a way?

Nothing on this earth is as important as a relationship with God. Nothing will last as long as His kingdom. We could fill our calendars with endless activities, but all of that time and effort will be a waste compared to time spent in the presence of God, pursuing an intimate relationship with Him. In the midst of our busyness, we lose sight of God's kingdom and His righteousness. We seek Him as a last resort, if at all.

None of us can add a single day to our lives. We can live out our days rushing around, never settling anywhere, or we can actively make time for periods of quiet repose spent with God. Checking the email can wait. Writing the grocery list can wait. When we make time for God first and foremost, and ask Him to show us the best ways that we can fit into His plans, He provides us with the time for all those other things we thought were so urgent. He even helps us recognize which things and activities we can do without.

There are some things that are necessary obligationi, such as going to work and meeting the basic needs of a household, but someday even those things will cease to be. In the twinkling of an eye, this world as we know it will end. Until that day comes, I'd much rather live in the moment with God than be a slave to my own demanding schedule. I sleep better at night knowing that I have lived each day to the fullest, seeking God's kingdom and developing my relationship with Him. When this life is over we will be free to spend eternity in the presence of God's full righteousness. I look forward to that day with great joy and anticipation--even though I can't schedule it in my new organizer!



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