Monday, April 25

Face the Music

For his anger lasts only a moment, but his favor lasts a lifetime; weeping may remain for a night, but rejoicing comes in the morning. --Psalm 30:5

Many times we harbor unconfessed sin in our lives because we are afraid of God's reaction to it. Other times it may be because we don't want a loved one to be angry or upset with us for what we may have done. Although it is difficult, bringing things out into the open and "facing the music" is a very freeing experience. Our sins make God disappointed in us. They can even make him angry with us, but only if we keep those sins behind closed doors where we refuse to confess them.

When we sin, we instinctively know that we have failed--we have missed the mark of perfection that God requires of us. That's a failure worth of weeping. It's a heavy burden to bear knowing that we have failed God. Our consciences hurt us when we sin, and it's that pain that causes a repentant heart to mourn for our wrongdoings. God's anger lasts a moment. Yes, he's upset at the time we commit but the moment we confess, God remembers our sins no more. When we experience God's forgiveness, we can look at our reflection in the mirror the next morning, and be able to look ourselves in the eys and not have to turn away because of guilty feelings.

Unconfessed sin hurts. It keeps us from experiencing a closeness with God. Trying to hide our sins from God doesn't work. He already knows what we have done. Fortunately, God's forgiveness heals. We don't have to live with the guilt and weeping that comes from secret sins. Even if we think that what we have done is unforgivable, we can be confident in knowing that God has not turned his back. He still loves us and desires to walk closely with us once again. But first we must face the music.



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