Friday, October 22

Less is More

He must become greater. I must become less. --John 3:30

This may be one of the most direct statements in the Bible, but it is also one of the most difficult for us to apply to our own lives. Our egos have a way of preventing us from believing that we should take a step down and humble ourselves to make room for something (or Someone) greater.

Although our ego certainly plays a part in keeping us from allowing God to have a greater place in our lives, it is not the only thing. Each day demands much from us physically, emotionally, and spiritually. God only gives us twenty-four hours in each day, and sometimes that can hardly seem like a long enough period of time. College students in particular are notorious for pulling all-nighters, trying to cram as much as possible into that brief amount of time between sunrises.

The busier our lives are, the more we find ourselves placing God on the back burner. Instead of spending 15 minutes in heartfelt prayer before beginning to prepare for a final, we are more likely to spend 15 minutes checking email, restacking study guides, arranging our hi-lighters, and selecting the perfect CD to enhance our studying ambiance.

It is not a matter of making time for God; rather, it must be finding time for other things within the scope of our time with God. I believe that the wording of this particular verse bears noticing. It does not say "I must become less, He must become greater." No. Instead, it says, "He must become greater." God's place in our lives, no matter how busy and demanding life may be, is first and foremost. Seek first the kingdom of God. The other things will fall into place once God is in your life in a prominent place.

In order that God may increase, we need to cast aside our distractions. God wants a greater place in our lives. As we let him into our lives more and more, we will see that he can fill us to overflowing with an abundant life. The things we used to fill ourselves with will be edged out as God takes over our hearts and fulfills us in a more satisfying way. As he becomes greater and we become less, our attitudes and egos can change dramatically as God reshapes our hearts.



At 7:12 PM, Blogger Amie said...

What a terrific post, and a great message.


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